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Molten rock safaris is a leading tour operator in Kenya, based in Nakuru. We provide you with utmost satisfaction and guarantee your security with us.For more info visit our blog today>>>.


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Kenya is the home of the safari!
Indeed the very word safari was invented in Kenya where in Kiswahili it means "journey." The infinite wilderness and big game of this region has long attracted adventure seekers from all over the globe. Not many countries even come close to range of landscapes, unique geographical features and species you'll find in Kenya. Few places provide the extraordinary opportunity to view wildlife in its natural habitat like Kenya does. East Africa's reputation as the archetypal safari destination is well deserved. This is a region of dramatic contrasts and extraordinary wildlife on display in un-crowded landscapes of great beauty and variety. It’s hard to rival the range of travel choices Kenya offers from scenic tours to cultural immersion; From lounging on pristine beach to adventure travel; From a broad range of sporting activities to an endless list of special interest opportunities.


In simple…..

Kenya offers you a chance to experience a natural world unchanged by the passage of time. The Kenyan wilderness is home to an endless array of ecosystems, the staging ground for natural cycles of life, death and regeneration as old as the planet itself.

A safari into the wilds of Kenya is a journey into nature at its purest. Everywhere you look there is a profusion of life…

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With us, our guests have the freedom to manage their itinerary to suit their purpose of travel. Our safari menu offers rich flexible choices that each of our guests wants to travel all destinations, the amazing wildlife that pose for pictures, the picturesque savannahs, and our awesome hospitality coupled with African traditions leave our guests spoilt for choices.










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