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In central Kenya, the Aberdare Mountain Range stretches out, another result of the crumpling upwards of the earth millions of years ago that formed the Great Rift Valley. The Kukuyu people believe that the Aberdare mountains are the place of the gods or Ngai. Located 180 kilometers from Nairobi, the park incorporates a wide variety of landscape geography, varying in altitude from 7,000 feet to 14,000 feet above sea level. From the mountain peaks that raise their tips into the vast blue sky, to the deep valleys where wildlife roams free in the glades and forests punctuated by streams, Aberdare is a spectacular visit. Bamboo and rain forests are also found in this vast park. One of the most thrilling features about visiting Aberdare National Park is found in the sheer waterfall, Thompson's Falls. Visit Thompson's Falls, Aberdare National Park to see and hear the roaring rush of water that plummets from a height into a water basin below, with the cliffs rising on either sides of the waterfall and the dense forest covering the basin like a thick carpet of bright green. The Aberdare national Park is an important catchment area, providing the Athi and Tana rivers with water. Locally, the Ewaso Narok river is a strong river that is also fed by the catchment for the mountains and valleys of this beautiful area.

Among the animals easily spotted in Aberdare are lions, leopard, baboon, Colobus monkeys, the golden cat and the bongo (an elusive forest antelope). Black rhino also inhabit this park. Visit Thompson's Falls, Aberdare National Park to picnic in the shade of the forest surrounding the waterfalls. Hike through the forest to arrive at Thompson's Falls, noticing the abundant wildlife in the area. Visit Thompson's Falls, Aberdare National Park to try your hand at trout fishing in the river. You are surrounded with beautiful bird life, with over 250 species of bird, including the Jackson's Francolin, sparry hawk, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers. Various accommodation types in this area range from treetop bungalows to game lodges, or obtain a day permit to visit Thompson's Falls, Aberdare National Park. Visit Thompson's Falls, Aberdare National Park to experience an area of absolute pristine scenic beauty, and let the roar of the Thompson's Falls lull you into a delightful trance; vested by the magic the splendorous beauty that is Kenya.


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